Monday, January 28, 2013

If I hear it again...

Just a little rant on the way...

Every time and I mean every time I go any where with all four of my kids I hear this...
"oh my your hands are full!"
Really, holy cow I had no clue I had 4 kids in tow. Okay, and like 75% of the time the kids are behaved and no one is in a choke hold or have peed themselves in the store.
I mean after the last couple of weeks I have wanted to punch people in the throat when they say it, and I am not usually that physical.
But, instead of throwing ninja moves or karate kicks I always answer with... "well you should see how full my heart is."

It shuts them up ASAP and makes me smile! Haters gonna hate!

At times in Target, yes, it looks like the circus has come to town but let's keep it real. It happens and most of the time I do laugh but that makes me, me. I am the momma to four awesome kiddos with personalities as big as my suburban and laughter to fill it!

So, we will continue to get the giggles while people stare and one of my kiddos just may fart out loud but hey... Tell me who doesn't fart!
That's what I thought!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Ear Hustlin'

I heard the above two words places together this week at a director's meeting and I fell in LOVE.

It will be my new favorite saying. This week has been bonkers....
First off my main squeeze won his 3rd National Championship in four years! Bahaha!
Okay, I admit that I have a slight obsession with Nick Saba. And his fine self! My BFF in Dallas sent me this picture Monday night with the caption, " T he is coming for you."

She is daunting me with a Alabama surprise when I come to visit her! Love her!

Cannon man had his first basketball this past Saturday! It was soooo fun and like herding cats!

One of my running buddies sent this to me.... We like our glass of wine during our "momma time."

This chick is CRAzzzzzzzY!!!

The above picture has been my you know what this week.... I would love to punch it in its throat. All preschools and church programs have been part of a massive "daycare product" recall. Including these puppies.... All 6 of them! Talk about a pain in my side!

Ran my fastest mile ever this week on Tuesday... Stress I think made me do it!

Our home is HUGE Bama or die people BUT Chief played football for ASU sooo we still follow
It some. During their bowl game I saw this and loved it! The picture is from last years game and then this years bowl game! The guy in the picture is OnE of the best golfers to ever play for ASU and he was there during the years Chief and I were. He has the best personality and doesn't let his disability stop him.

This week I set my goals to run everyday and so far I am 5/5... Yay!!
Have a FANtastic weekend!! And, Roll Tide!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ready to Roll

Okay, peeps did you really think I would let today pass without doing a Bama post???


No maam to the no sir.
In all good taste here it goes...

Cami cheering on the Tide with Big Al on her head and houndstooth pants on! Bama girl ride or die. Yea, I went there. Girl don't play... She roll tide's people at WalMart! Brain washed, I think so.

See it and know it when you walk in our houze!

Caroline even brings it... Big Al meme... Check.

Bama girlies!

Yes you are seeing things right. Alabama cake, cupcakes, napkins and gear!

My Bama boys!

Lastly, the finest college man Nick! Haters gonna hate!

Roll Tide Roll!!!
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 or Bust

Holy Smokes Batman it is 2013!

I can not believe it, I can not believe how fast 2012 flew by and I can not believe I am still a somewhat functioning momma of 4 babes.

2012 was good to us in many ways but it also was a heifer at times! My constant reminder last year was, god is good all the time and he will always see us through. I have a slight feeling that I will continue to repeat that this year.

Last year at this time we had 3 crazy kiddos and I was just starting my job on staff at the Methodist church as preschool director...
Well February hit and wham bam no thank you ma'am!
I was training for the half and found out I was preggers with #4 talk about in need of some crazy meds. My love of a Dr cleared me to run and thank the good lord I finished.

Baby Jacobs, my medal and my 4 month pregnant self.

In March the two little ones and I hit up Gulf Shores with my cousin in love and her doll baby.

At the end of March we found out baby Jacobs #4 was a sweet baby....

Girl. We were ready for more pink and our Caroline Katherine.

April and May consisted of the dreaded word... Baseball.
All the boys in my life were neck deep in baseball season.

Chief was the head coach for the 7a state championship game and they won! We were so proud.
The next day he resigned from his coaching and teaching position to go into agency with State Farm.
Talk about a leap of faith and getting the phone call that his keys were turned in made me cry in my office at my desk for a good 30 minutes.

We spent our summer months at the pool and the baseball field, while we adjusted to Chief not having the summer "off."

In July, I braved and took the kids to South Dakota for the 4th of July. Chief was working and I was hot and needed to see my sistas and nieces so off we went.
We went to the zoo, the boys got haircuts, I laid out in my sista's pool and we went to our real family farm for the 4th. I thought I would never miss the smell of cow patties or the smells of beans needing to be picked but I did and I cried about it. Stupid preggers hormones.

The kids and I also stopped at my great aunt Pat's. She taught me how to play UNO, introduced me to country time lemonade and also coached me in cheating at cards. She had just gotten Facebook and wanted to make sure the picture we took was Facebook acceptable! Love her!

Cami fell in love with her and his is the first time they had met. This picture means the world to me...

In August the preschool/church staff hosted a baby shower...
My students loved it!

School started back and soccer began for Mr Cannon...

KK is in the 5th grade....
I know it gasp! First day of school picture with siblings.

We bit the bullet and let KK play tackle football. We taught after hot practices and getting hit by some big ole kids that he would be done with it, yeah right! Loved it!

September brought us our precious baby girl.
Delivery day...

It also brought momma a new car, thanks Chief. Caleb and I were sad to see the white ride go.

October was crazy..... I ran my first 5K post baby Caroline, trying to juggle 4 kiddos and Halloween

We also continued to cheer on the Tide. Roll Tide Roll!!!

November.... Praise the lord I am almost done. Ha! Ran another 5K that ended in a crash and burn but it was a blast! Between laughing at myself from falling and having a bladder ghat has made it through 4 kids... It was almost disastrous.

I had the most important event for my job, our annual Dessert Theater fundraiser. God provided for us beyond our imagination.

Alabama trip was next and oh how i needed this week with my cousin in love!

We hollered and Roll'd
Tide during the Iron Bowl with our Bama family. We also
Celebrated the Caleb's 11 th birthday on this day!!

The next weekend brought December and I ran in the St Jude marathon relay with some of my dear friends.

It was a fun times with precious friends. We finished up on Saturday and I made it home in time for the Bama/Georgia game! RTR!

Cannon started his first year of basketball! His team practice at 8 am on Saturday mornings. poor guy.

CareBear getting sooooo big!

A visit with ole Saint Nick.

We took the kiddos downtown for ice skating! Fun times were had by all except Chief and Carebear- they watched!

Cannon went to wayyyyy too many Christmas parties. This one at the bowling alley. The 3 amigos go to school
Together and play ball together. Trouble!

One of my closest friend's hubby came to the preschool to visit the kids. It was way too fun!

Cami fell in love with my parents basset/beagle. George is her BFF!

Santa came!

Matching sistas!! Love!!!

Christmas morning group shot!

Cami driving her new car! Get off the roads people, I am warning you!

Lastly, my BFF's hubby came home from deployment in Afghanistan. She kicked this deployments bootay! So proud of her!

Well, do you feel crazy? I do!

I am trying to find a balance between kids, work, home, church and myself. If you can figure it out for me please let me know! Here is to a much slower 2013!!!!
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