Monday, January 28, 2013

If I hear it again...

Just a little rant on the way...

Every time and I mean every time I go any where with all four of my kids I hear this...
"oh my your hands are full!"
Really, holy cow I had no clue I had 4 kids in tow. Okay, and like 75% of the time the kids are behaved and no one is in a choke hold or have peed themselves in the store.
I mean after the last couple of weeks I have wanted to punch people in the throat when they say it, and I am not usually that physical.
But, instead of throwing ninja moves or karate kicks I always answer with... "well you should see how full my heart is."

It shuts them up ASAP and makes me smile! Haters gonna hate!

At times in Target, yes, it looks like the circus has come to town but let's keep it real. It happens and most of the time I do laugh but that makes me, me. I am the momma to four awesome kiddos with personalities as big as my suburban and laughter to fill it!

So, we will continue to get the giggles while people stare and one of my kiddos just may fart out loud but hey... Tell me who doesn't fart!
That's what I thought!

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  1. You tell em momma!!!!! I love it! And I LOVE that you have 4 kids. You're my hero!

  2. Man, you have your hands full...with the cutest kids in AR!! XOXO Love you and your four kids